Coz I don’t wanna hurt you

My friends just show me their new song, at last, and then I remembered I ever make a rhyme, long time ago. This lyric was about letting go someone you deeply in love with. Its incomplete, needs a lot of improvements, and have no melody nor beat, yet.

Well, stop the chit chat, interested ? go on and leave some scar in the comment area. Pissed off ? no worries, shout all you want, I’m not biting :P..

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Wind, where are you ?

The last scent..
of disappointed heart
a scalable suffer..
longing for a warmth ..
one that seems will never come
The winter’s slowly residing
yet the coldness remains
a shallow binding by the sunlight
a deep tears from the moon shadow

A fragile thing called heart
what is it inside ?

I’m missing the wind
one whom bound to the freedom
I’m missing the feeling again

Feel.. feeling.. I can’t remember what it was..
And you, heart,.. have we met before ?
Seems like you know me ?
Even though I can’t recall to remember you ..

Not at all …

Flash light part #0001

Why the number ?!? The very first realease, of course. Obvious, isn’t it ?!?

Okay, this will be very quick, random, and less painfull. And of course, most likely sucks. So get off to another site if you realized how sucks this post will be, ASAP!


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Lets welcome, New Family Member

Well.. just as the title said. A new member of the family.

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Rainy Sky

All these times contagious, I never been this bored before.. Is this the price I’ve waited for ?

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Sparkling Omega

Like usual, a yearly post about next year’s planning and resolution. Like another new year resolution you might found out across the world, this one might just another dreams and hopes from a simple little soul inside this body.

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Underwater Lights

Phew, 04:12 AM, awoke at this early morning is a rare occasion for me because lately, my sleeping habit got a little more normal, and by normal, I do intend to say “everyone’s normal sleeptime”, not “my normal sleeptime”. I wonder what’s going on.

Is there something wrong with her again ?!?

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