Not a technological stuff, not an important posts, just a random rambling of another stupidity. Please just ignore, unless you really know me inside out.

Its been few nights that I’ve been experiencing such uneasy feeling, yet a gloomy and shallow heart. Throbbing, suffocating. And it was just because a simple one stupid mistakes. A simple mistakes that could take away my whole consciences, my whole soul. Still, I’m longing for a salvation.

I remembered, when I first saw her. No special feelings whatsoever. Even the meeting was a mere coincidences. Was it? I don’t really believed such a thing called coincidences, I believed in something always happen for a reason. Even now, I got my lesson. Still, I still yearning and praying for the best outcomes.

Watashi wa.. kowai..

Above all other, this is just nonsensical. But I’m grateful for what happening, as I learn more about life. Somehow, I feel heavy. Extremely heavy.

Random ? Indeed, it is. Indeed, I am.

Whatever, it doesn’t even have a relation with this post subject’s. In fact, its unrelated with the whole post, nonetheless. But moreover, do you care ? I don’t, so you shouldn’t. Well, I doubt someone would really read this, anyway.

Disrespected, and underestimated. Well, she doesn’t know with whom she messed up with. Patience is virtue, but I have no patience for unreasonable betrayal.

God, I don’t know how it comes to this. At least, the worst nightmare has passed by. And the real deal will be dealt later on.

Well, there is no turning back, the only option left is to rebuild the broken system, and whilst doing it, putting together all the parts scattered.

Or I could just leave it as is and let someone else do the rebuild.

Either way, it wouldn’t be easy.. psychologically.

Well, at least, I’ve gotta say, Happy Mothers day to you Mom, its been long since you died, but it felt like it was just yesterday the last time I talked to you.

I love you mom. Will always do.

In memoriam of Supariyati, the best mother in the world, according to Chibifish’s log files. And of course, greetings to all mother in the World that’ve been taking care of their children with love.