My friends just show me their new song, at last, and then I remembered I ever make a rhyme, long time ago. This lyric was about letting go someone you deeply in love with. Its incomplete, needs a lot of improvements, and have no melody nor beat, yet.

Well, stop the chit chat, interested ? go on and leave some scar in the comment area. Pissed off ? no worries, shout all you want, I’m not biting :P..

I’m drowning on my own feeling,..
feel free to kill me, I’m acheing
on the outside I’m scratchin..
deep inside I’m bleeding..
now I told you what I’m holding
the death and emptiness growing
I lost my sense of living
I ain’t gonna leaving
I ain’t gonna crying
coz in you i believin’

now feel my pain

ketika kubertanya mengapa
kau diam seribu bahasa
satu rima tak ungkap fakta
bahwa ku disini menderita
mungkin apa .. siapa kenapa ku tak tahu
karna kubegitu menyayangimu
satu ucap seribu makna agar kau tahu
kucinta kau dari lubuk hatiku

Reff :
thats bullshit if i said I’m fine without you
a kind of crap when I’m not missing you
I miss you!
thats why I tell you how hard I love you
but somehow I have to leave you
Coz I don’t wanna hurt you

terdiam kumenatap hujan dijalanan
teringat saat kemarin malam
ku masih genggammu dalam tangan
berdua menatap malam tegap kedepan..
tapi kini kau menghilang
dalam angan, terdiam
terkekangku dalam catastrophe yg menghajar
lingkaran multitrouble membuatku makin tak sadar
tapi bayangmu seakan tak pernah pudar
kau kan ada dihatiku hingga akhir fajar

now girl,

if you hurt being with me
I’ll let you go without any desease
I will still have you on my sixth sense
I will still have your pretty smile
let this pain be my own pain
you deserve to get the better feelin
you know girl, when I see that rain ?
this mornin’ ?
I know deep inside me you’re smilin’

thanks girl.. 🙂


Well, so wheres the song ? Geez, its not a song, yet. Soon, it will. But not now.