Why the number ?!? The very first realease, of course. Obvious, isn’t it ?!?

Okay, this will be very quick, random, and less painfull. And of course, most likely sucks. So get off to another site if you realized how sucks this post will be, ASAP!


Okay, you, yes you. Why don’t you start your own realm already ? You already have all the player! I’m tired living on your fantasy and phantasmal dreams. You blutter, cry, and come. And then you smile, laugh and run. What the fvck was that attitude for? Am I, some kind of trash bin ? Indeed I used to be one, and still one if you’re concerned. But they who seeks me to throw their trash, has broken, clattered, and then came, smile, fly, and spread the happiness. And they walk a different path, a better path, and remembered the wrong path. Not walking down the same broken path all over again. Just fvckin wake up already!!

And you, fix your stupid behaviour of keeping things inside if you only keep that inside just to blame everyone later because you thought they don’t care. They care, you never tell, and when something goes wrong you blame them for putting all those burden to you ? You sulk and shut yourself sad cause you think you’re alone? Well you’re alone now. Just what the fvck with that attitude ?!?

And you, there whitey lovely who pretend to have a mask while the actual thing is that you’re weren’t wearing one. You don’t even have one single mask to protect your pain. Yes, blame everything up to me, hatred, betrayal, pain, suffer, indecisive, whats more ? a game ? good.. a new term, okay then, I even go as low as a pervy bastards just to make sure you hate me. So you’ll hate me more, and forget about the pain I’ve scratched into your heart. Naive ? yes, this naivity is my speciality. The same naive thought that someday your hatred will erase the pain, and when the pain gone, slowly, the hatred will be gone. And then to see that same bright smile once again, the same bright smile the first time I saw you, the same bright smile without hesitation.

Okay, now, mister, please be considerate, I am a human, my hand is only two, so please, again, be considerate.. I’m not you FVCKIN’ slave! You might had a higher position, but you know nothing about your thing.. you eat that money ?!? how does it feels, to eat something that doesn’t belong to you ?!?!?

Okay, rambling part 1, done….. whoa, I never really felt this good before. I’m pathetic. LOL