Well.. just as the title said. A new member of the family.

Her name is Levisha Illyasviel, I used to call her Levy (pronounced: le-vee)*yup, nicknamed her already now 😛*

What about her ?

She’s cute, slightly a nice and slim body, tough and somehow a bit vulnerable in the end. Her 2 GB Random Access Memory is more than enough for my daily work. Wearing NVidia CUDA G210M is Her favorites gear. Her 250 GB space makes it enough to spare the soul between Sora and Luna. Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that She was merely a container, and then I inject two different soul inside her. Sora Illyasviel, the daylight and bright but sinful 7. And Luna Illyasviel, the moonshadow and dark but holy and lovely *nix system. Both of them resides peacefully on Levy and her G450 body.

Where was Sakura ? aren’t you going to revive her ?

I was planning to, but ever since someone claimed her ownership, then her soul perished somewhere over the rainbow. May she rest in peace then.

Anyway, I never really talked about the Illyasviel family, my precious family that’ve been accompany me through the hardest day of my live. Well, I should tell the story someday.

Hm.. I’m planning about writing the story on how I inject both Sora’s and Luna’s souls inside Levy. Actually, only Luna’s, since Sora’s injection was much easier and effortless. Not that Luna’s injection was hard, but the effort to get the pureness and the holiness attached perfectly to Levy’s body is worth it.

Under influence of: Kelly Clarkson – Because of You; Avenged Sevenfold – Dear God; Gabrielle – Out of reach; Lenka – The show; Sugarcult – Memory; Secondhand Serenade – Your Call