Like usual, a yearly post about next year’s planning and resolution. Like another new year resolution you might found out across the world, this one might just another dreams and hopes from a simple little soul inside this body.

According to my 2009th resolution post, well, not much to ramble but last year (2k9) is really not just a “stop-and-stare” year like few years before. I finally make my move out. A crawl to the outside world. A painful and hard decision. Well at least some dreams is worth the fight to reach.

Okay, now the best part, the dream, the fantasy, the resolution that awaits forward. Some of my resolution has been completed last years, some has been thrown out of the list because lack of intention and needless for the moment, and here comes few that neither both.

  • 1. Leppie, yes, my hopes for Personal Desktop Computer is gone now, I need Leppie the most
  • 2. Rebuild Insomnity
  • 3. Continuing my study
  • 4. Funding my brother’s study
  • 5. Have a little more time for myself
  • 6. Acquiring JAVA programming skill
  • 7. Saving
  • 8. Saving
  • 9. Saving
  • 10. Saving

Wow, a lot of saving there ? hum, yup. Time to think about myself a little. When there is hope, there is way. No time for love story this year, definitely. Why ?!? Well, I have to wake up, that’s all I have to say. Period.

Under influence of : Ecoutez – Tak Sempurna; MYMP – Especially for you; Secondhand Serenade – Twist in my story.