Phew, 04:12 AM, awoke at this early morning is a rare occasion for me because lately, my sleeping habit got a little more normal, and by normal, I do intend to say “everyone’s normal sleeptime”, not “my normal sleeptime”. I wonder what’s going on.

Is there something wrong with her again ?!?

Well anyway, I’m going to rambling about my first try to learn how to swim. Yeah, you your eyes is not caught on any disease, you read it right. This sand fish who always avoid swimming pool for a thousand years is now trying his best to overcome his own nightmare. Swim.

And seems like I’m not a natural swimmer, because I can’t still swim after 2 hours of trial and error. It hardly seems trial, only errors anyway. For me, who’ve been avoiding swimming pool, get to know the water is a one thing, let alone learn to swim. Even though my comrades was keep giving basic theory and practices, my brain and my body can not connect the way it is. Especially my breath, well, its hard to synchronize the rhyme of my breathing and the melody of my movement inside the water.

Okay, swimming story is over. Back to real life. Not much to tell, still a boring and fake life, a little fun, if not much, and still a fake smile for everyone, for almost everything.

Hum, not much to tell actually. Just keep on searching the meaning of life. And still hesitate about a lot of thing.

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