In a blink of an eye
its just … gone

I searched everywhere
on every clouds I see
on each rainbows that connect the sky and the earth
the glimpse feeling that lost

and still
that silverlight is long gone
along with the rain

A jazzy playlist, empty room, internet connection, and the buzzing sound of rainfall outside. A perfect combination to get my hands dirty with gloomy thought.

Boring with this blog layout, and decided to change it, open Photoshop up, and brainstorming an old concept into a sketch, and there the new theme is chosen, and thus the header too.

These last few weeks been a pretty hard weeks for me. Hesitation, emotion, uncertainty, and a load of work tasks to be taken care of. And still few weeks more until the time to loosen up my tense.

Damn, I never thought that it could be this hard.

Hum. Sorry, this post is meant to shout some scream, particularly meaningless, just a single proof that inside this fish body still lies a soul of a human. I guess my human side is as strong as ever. He always taking me over whenever I got weakened. Sigh.

Under influence of : ~nothingness~