A symphony that comes out of blue hazel eyes. An eternal petals that flows side by side with the wind. An empty heart which filled with enormous happiness and sadness. Within the hesitation over troubled mind.

It’s been a few days.. or week since my last posts on this blog, and been almost 2 years since I decided to take that path. A one lonely and painful path dedicated for hopes and wishes. At least it was for that purposes, at first, or foremost like that. Until I finally realize the difference. Until I made that mistakes and finally found out the regretful truth.

I keep on telling myself that it’ll be just fine. But no one ever told me it could be this hard. No one ever told me it could be this painful. I realize there has to be something wrong with the way things goes on. Something essentials that I forgot.

An unanswered questions, leads to another hesitation. A promises will still be a promises until accomplished. A forgotten one will remains no more that an empty words of hopes and wishes.

I’ve kept my promises, and I won’t have any more regret now. Yes, you win this battle, but I win the whole war.

Even if this new path would bleed me to death, I’ll keep on walking, to respect the past, cherish the present, and embrace the future.

And this lacrymosa, is my farewell~