Hum, what a nice and calm rain in the morning. I thought its a dry season already. Well not that bad, at least I’m sitting here on my office, staring those code at the monitor, seems like everything twists one with another. LoL.

Its been a few weeks since I decided to walk this path, I’m happy, even thought somehow, sometimes I feel a little lonely, but everything just as planned before. Smooth and slow.

The joke of “I’m happy” seems kinda absurd for me. Even the joke of “I’m sad” not giving out that much impressions. Plain but calm. That’s how I describe my feeling now.

So, the vibe has gone?

No, obviously not. The vibe is there, but rather than being gloomy and randomly generated, the vibe now is rather calm, organized and much more energizing.

Okay, enough with the abstract thing, since its rather becoming kind of this blog’s trademark now, LOL. Geez, if I re-read those posts of mine, I laughed at most of them. Pretty much funny, and pretty much lot to learn. What a memories.

Some nice things happened these last few weeks. Knowing the truth is not always happy thing. Revealing her true nature obviously makes me feel at ease. Somehow I have no more doubtful thought about why she tried to avoid me or something like that, with all her excuses. Furthermore, I don’t want to be a burden to other people, and somehow, one by one, slowly and smoothly, my problem become clear and I found the way to get myself out of them. Not all of them but its getting even more clear now.

Back to 4 to 6 years ago. I can feel the same feeling now. How and why I was so energized even thought the “me” now and the “me” back then is pretty much different. I can feel the joy of watching the rain, staring at the stars, and gazing at the morning sky.

Pretty stupid thing to do, but for an introvert oxymoron like me, it is such a fun activity. Reminds me how small I am, and how precious everything I had now.

Well, now back to the real live. I got a 4 days off by 09th to 12th April, and still have no plan for those days. Maybe I should use those 4 days off to develop my skill on ActionScript3, remastering Debian, or reinventing my Guitar skill again. Maybe hang out with friends? but I have to be a little tight because my expense is pretty much high this month. Except if they willing to just hanging out without spending much money, then I might consider to attend their invitation 🙂

Humm.. I might just staying at home and continuing the rebuild of Insomnity project, its new name is Greensoul project, according to the new concept I brought along. Or maybe if someone got a project that computer related (network setup, server setup, design, web development services, etc.), I’ll take it rightaway. Without hesitation. LOL. (yes brothers and sisters, I desperately need more income T.T)

So.. with the birds.. I’ll share this lonely view.. 🙂 In a good mood to observe everything.

[[Under Influence of: RHCP – Scar Tissue; Julie London – Fly me to the moon; 30sTM – Beautiful lie; The Morning Of – Smooth Sailing; Jack Johnson – Upside Down]]