I lost on my own world
a world full of fake smile
a place where I cry
for the sake of your laugh

A world where you barely see me
but on a blurriness
a place which no one but you
is important
an ironic fact
whilst I’m completely ignored

I skiped the beat
I followed the melody
and drank the emotion

The last drop was the last petals
of hesitation, and courage
a determination of losing something
might as well means winning something

So, what am I doing here?
in a place where there’s nothing but you ?
in a world of my creation
but without a single trace of me inside…

Sometimes I wonder
am I too patient, or am I just too stupid

Well, either way, I wouldn’t mind
I won’t lose …. I can’t lose ….
not after this far …
this is my declaration of war
I will shout it out loud, ..
until my lungs dry of blood ..

This is my declaration of fight
in which I have two option ..
winning the battle and losing the war
or losing the battle and winning the war
either way, it’ll be a painful real smile ..
even on this world of fake smile
on the world of my creation..
I can still feel the smile, and the pain of loving you ..

ps: sorry, I should’ve realized who am I to you …