I saw her sleeping
for the very first and maybe the last time
her calmness shatter my heart
and torture my feeling..

One smile, one dream, two path ..
the lullaby of tears and regret
even thought I don’t have the right to regret it..
the requiem of two blue turquoise

There is a room
that once belong to her
it was bright, cheerful, and joyful room
a room where I can always lay my head down

I keep on visiting that room
a room that always be her
a room that only her name written on it

And the moon, shall cry again.. louder.. harder..

Under influence of : Saybia – The 2nd You Sleep; Mandy Moore – Only Hope; Faith Hill – There You’ll Be; Ronan Keating – If Tomorrow Never Comes; Secondhand Serenade – Stay Close Don’t Go