The complete sins, a tortured heart under sleepy dreams
From the joy of being lonely
From the depth of the painful memories
By the light of fifteenth Opal, the emptiness disappear

The Calendula will be the flower
Through the rhymes of lovely rhapsody
The frozen moon is crying
Breathing hard and deep
Before the name whom heart is broken

A pieces of scattered mirror lying down on the floor
The promises of the Devil can never be trusted
A rain for a flame
A tears for a smile
A light for a shadow
Redeem at the end of the night

Will the emptiness forever be empty?
Or could it be that it can’t be filled anymore?

The shards of the rainbow
The tears of the moon
It creates my sinful world of dreams
A thankful smile for a pieces of love
A pieces of blank paper
Where do this pen leads us?

Where do we go from here on?

Sheer of simplicity…

Under influence of : Lifehouse – You and Me; The Morning Of – Violins and Trees; Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You; King of Convenience – Know How