If you attempt for a suicide, make it so no one would regret your suicide, or at least make it so everyone else would be able to continue embrace the future, just like how Lelouch vi Brittania finished the last episodes of Code Geass R2. Then after you died, you can die peacefully, with smile, while saying “its all according to a plan” (pretty scary ain’t it hahahaha).

Now the question is, how to make such a suicide? Good question, that’ll be your homework.

So what is the point of this post anyway? Another good question of yours, but this time, I’ll try to answer it. But first come first, a warning about yet another vague and absurd post for you.

Thanks to you and your so-free-time that you waste it improperly by continue reading this post *BleTAKK ! (slapped SFX)*. From my point of view, suicide is another form of sacrifice, in a more dramatic and selfish way. The question is, how much sacrifice would you make ? how selfish you are to do such a thing ? and for what reason ? . Some old theory says, sacrifice is needed for a cultural matter, religion, nationality, and some other reason like love, and sometimes, such audacity of neural sickness. For me, to put it bluntly, sometimes, uncontrolled love is the more logical, or I may say, common reason to do it.

Oh no, so its about love again?!?! NO! it is NOT!

The theory of sacrifice over the name of LOVE is the more acceptable reason for me. Illogical ? not really, because when it comes to a love, everything is logic. Of course its only between the one who feel the love itself. For other people? whether they understand or not, it might be just yet another insanity.

So, are you going to make a suicide attempt? LIKE HELL I’D DO THAT!

Actually, this is another posts of happiness, trust me, I’m really happy right now. Eventhought somehow, I’m afraid that this is just temporal happiness.

Under influence of : someone, somebody, and some others.