The smile on your face let’s me know that you need me
There’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me wherever I fall
You say it best, when you say nothing at all

Ronan Keating – When you say nothing at all

Okay, if you’re in a broken heart state, nor in a state in which you will be irritating with others happiness and lovey dovey story, please stay away for a moment, or you’ll hurt yourself, thanks.

Firstly, umh, announcement for my new theme! YAY!! Okay, its not that “new”, we all know this is K2-Lite Theme, but with my own modified header, Light of Hope. The old header was Rainbow in the night.

Oh, and I just finished downloading and burning DVL-Strychnine_E605 Linux ISO. Its a linux distribution based from Backtrack. Still wondering when can I take a look at it.

Next, yes, as the title said, I’m falling in love with someone.. errh.. or something (what the?!?!). At first glance, she looks just like ordinary girl (despite the fact that she’s cute). But then I realized she’s not. She’s an alien, she’s not an earthling (even thought I know I’m not an earthling too, yes, the fact that I’m a fish keeps me away from being a real human). She ate normal food, have normal earthling behavior, and she even use cosmetics (yup, the so-called-invention on earth history called cosmetics that is another waste of true beauty). But I’m hardly sure that she wasn’t born on the same planet. Maybe the same planet, but on a totally different Galaxy.


Well, to put it frankly. She’s unknown to me. I mean, unpredictable. Every single act, every single word that comes out of her mouth is simply unpredictable. The way she thinks and argue over something is rather spontaneous and clumsy and make me think “jeez” or rather “WOW”. She’s funny, yet stubborn. And her stubborn head can not be compared even with so-infamous-Adolf-Hitler. Infamous?? Yup, go ask Miss Yuli (she has a small coffee shop called “Warung Yuk Yuli” at the corner of Lontar Street), and she’ll tell you that she doesn’t know Adolf Hitler, even thought everytime I go to her small cafe to get some coffee, she always say that she know everything. Okay, enough with Yuk Yuli and her warung.

Now back to her (the one I recently fall in love with), the more I know her, the more I realize how vulnerable she is.

Do you intend to have further relationship with her?

That’s my plan, but I won’t be so rush. She won’t run away if we meant to be together, if she wasn’t the one, then I just need to search for the other ^^.

What about your ex-girlfriend?

I still love her, but in a different way. Read my other posts and you’ll understand what I mean. For now, I don’t want to think about it too hard, or it may harm me again sometimes. I just want to go back to what I used to be. Flowing with the wind.

Under influence of: Avenged Sevenfold – Dear God; Indecent Obsession – Fixing a broken heart; Souljah – My heart say yeah!; Padi – Rencana besar; Colbie Cailat – The Little Things.