Okay, this time it will looks like just my usual yet another melancholic posting, but trust me, Its not. At least I don’t feel too gloomy or melancholic or something. Thus, its a short entry just to satisfy my desire of writing.. ^^

So, where should I start. I was visiting an old friend’s houses.

Actually, she’s my bestfriend’s girlfriend. And, she’s my ex-girlfriend’s bestfriend. For some reason, whenever I met her, I always got some kind of uneasy feeling on my mind. Maybe its because my ex told me that for some reason that not actually my fault, she has no more respect towards me. Well, its not that I care too much. If I care, then I’d spoil everything to clear my name right away. But somehow, I’m kind of let it all the way it is now.

And so its about her again? No.. and yes. But no.. umh, but on some way, yes.

Lately, I think a lot about her, but on a different way. I mean, more calm and solemn. I’m not as depressed as before (no, not that I was depressed but, well.. If you read my whole blog, I guess you’ll understand).

Guess its all thanks to someone who always blame me everytime I wrote melancholic posts. And thanks to Id-Anime that somehow I found my second home (even thought its so quite there lately, maybe because of those plurk thingie).

Under influence of : my overwhelming job, my mom’s health, my “whole” friends, and her… just simply… happy ^^