Unrequited smile
painful memories to spare
a beautiful lie hidden
on a shrine of gloomy sky

the tormented being
a lover whom bond to no one
tied under its sharp sighting towards future
trapped behind its past

gaze towards the sick morality
stare above the humanity
its all fake
its all useless dry tears

a one winged angel thrown her heart away
to understand what it takes to be one
once again betrayed by its soul
sleeping alone
humbly retrieving death upon the scratched live

rest above the bloodshed and the war
above all those days
as the day we kill humanity
a thing that never actually exist
another failure product
of human thoughts

be happy
with all our sins
pure and sick
yet another fake smile
yet another emptiness

I give up
I stand up
I break up
I ….
I need hug

Never ending loop
I miss you
I’m beautifully beaten

Under influence of: Funeral for a friend – History; Fresh Milk – Ordinary Life; 30 Seconds to Mars – A Beautiful Lie | The Kill; Simple Plan -Your Love Is A Lie; The Click Five – When I’m Gone.