Hey! what are you doing?

I don’t know. Just thinking.

About what?

A lot of thing. Simple thing. But somehow, its confusing.

Hmh.. what about going away?


Far away, where theres no one but the two of us, where theres nothing but the silencies, where everything can’t bother our smile anymore. Not that happiness, not that empty feeling, not that fake laugh, and not even that pain.

For what?

To forget everything. To set a new focus on a new way.

Why? I don’t think I need to refocus. I’m already on my way.

Because you laid down long enough, you cried long enough, and somehow, you smiled long enough.

I don’t get it..

You don’t need to. Just follow me and I’ll lead you to our victory.

Still don’t get it.

I told you, you don’t need to understand.  You felt empty lately, don’t you? Those voices like never stopped to swirl on your head. Those feelings like never stopped to depress you harder. Am I right? So I think we need to go out, away, somewhere.

Somehow, you’re right. But, is it going to another runaway escuses?

You’ve  stand and tried hard enough. Loosen your mind for a bit will not hurt you. And we’re not going to run away. We’re going to gather our strength.

Hmh..  So.. where are we going to? Is there such a place ?

Somewhere over the rainbow

I don’t know. Should I? I wanted to, but somehow, I just want to be here and feel the pain a little longer. Feel the joy of being empty a little more. Is that too much?

Nope. Its up to you anyway. But whenever you change your mind, I’ll always here to assist you.

Mh.. and who are you again?

I’m your alter ego.