Ohwell.. its her birthday. I couldn’t even get close to her. Even for just saying “happy belated birthday” and kisses her cheek (whoa.. a kisses? who the f**k am I, asking for the impossible T.T). No, actually, I was hoping to give her a hug.

But, looks like it was only a few seconds of phone call. And a birthday postcard attached to a flower.

Anyway, she replied my message this morning. And I’m really happy. Somehow its enough for me ^ ^ (no I lied, I’m hoping something more, but I know I couldn’t ask for more)

I promised her a birthday present, but for some reason, I had to postponed it. I promised myself that on her next birthday I would like to celebrate it with her, just like when she was celebrating my birthday back then. But looks like it will still be a promises. I promised myself to be always here and waiting for her incase she needs me. Even thought I know she need me no more, and she doesn’t want me around. A promise is a promise, and I will keep it intact. A commitment that once I said about three or two years ago.

There are a few photos on my wallet. Most of them are her photos. Her happy smiling face, her beauty eyes, I missed everything on her. And all I can do is watching those photos, and rambling around about everything. Everything that goes through my heart.

Hmh.. in the end.. its only a painful smile left on me. And I will still here waiting.