It’s been a few months since the first time I use Yurx services to host my blog, and now that host is decaying, and if they keep their management like that, then it will be done for sure, soon. Well, I will not waiting and I will not hope for more, not anymore. And no, my last give up post wasn’t about this. Another story on another scenario.

Whoaa.. T.T, sampai jumpa blog lamaku. Final decision! Gak bisa diganggu gugat. Kenapa WordPress? simply because I want to host my blog. No no no, do not make an argument with me about this, I will not discusses this matter.

Hmh, berarti, no more theme modification T.T, just header modification T.T, and thats irritating me.

Tapi gpp lah, toh ini mungkin cuma beberapa bulan sampai saia bisa beli hosting sama domain sendiri. Jadi ini cuma perhentian sementara? maybe yes, maybe no. Depend on how much it will come to be.

Thanks to WordPress’s import/export ability jadinya posting dari blog lama isa di revive (jadi inget maen Game Online). Cuman keknya blogrollnya gak ikut ke-revive, well another homework for me.

At least but not the last, welcome to my new home. Enjoy my stupidity and absurdity.

Regards, nFath